Month: March 2020

Wushu leg workout

Training Tips : Wushu Style Leg Workout

Since we’re almost all stuck at home for a while, at least let’s get some wushu workout done. This workout is not only great to improve your leg resistance and explose power, but is also an hardcore fat burner for your whole body! So no need to do […]

Jibengong Wrong

Jibengong : You’re Doing it Wrong

You might have been training for years, and have been through many times where you thought that you were not improving anymore, then you forgot about it happens again. Chances are you’ve been learning too fast. You did learn the basics etc, but at some point you certainly […]

Injury Lower Body

Training With an Injury : Lower Body

Note : We are not sports physicians. Therefore we encourage you to double check what you can and cannot do with a sport physician before you start any below training. Then also check with your coach if he has other ideas as he knows what you need best […]