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Ghyslain Kuehn

Ghyslain Kuehn – Wukong Founder

“I am not a professional athlete. Nor a gifted athlete.

I’m just a regular guy. But a guy who had ONE DREAM since I was 13 years old : Train with the best teachers in China, and become a legit Wushu Instructor. There are not many ways to achieve that. I had to go there and find them for myself.
Like a lot of you guys, I fell in love with Wushu watching Hongkong movies. I started training at the age of 13, under a Chinese/Cambodian master, with a strong Asian accent. I wanted to improve so bad that I started learning Chinese just so I could communicate more easily with him. This is how my journey for Wukong started.

Long story short

I did my first training trip to China back in 2005. Since then, I have been visiting and training in China for a few months almost every year, and have been permanently living there full time since 2015 now. 

While studying to earn my Chinese bachelor in France, I trained and competed as a national and international athlete. I had the chance to train with incredible athletes and masters such as former Beijing Wushu Team athlete Wang Xiaona, Taijiquan World and China champion Wu Yanan, Tongbei Quan Master Zhang Feipeng, Hung Gar, Cai Jia Quan, and traditional medicine Master Lu Wenrui, Golden Era Wushu superstar Xu Xiangdong, Taiwan Wushu Team, and many more !

Today, I’m still a regular guy, but also a certified IWUF 3rd Duan and CWA Level 2 Instructor, and a private and group Wushu, Boxing, and Strength and Conditioning coach at the Taipei UFC Gym, thanks to the broader vision of Wushu I was able to acquire through my journey.

This is why I decided to create Wukong.

I know many Wushu people out there share the same dream : Become the best at what they love. So I asked myself : Why not combine my skills in Chinese, with my understanding of Chinese culture, my network of contacts, friends, and my years of training, and use them to help people like you, trying to achieve YOUR DREAM in Wushu ?

Wukong is born. 

My goal is to make Wukong the number 1 platform for all the Wushu lovers from all over the world, and bring you legit, qualitative, exclusive content, articles, training tips and videos made collaboratively with our key consultants, and help people like you find the best places to visit and the best teachers to train with.

Train hard and believe in your dream.



Key Wukong Consultants

Wang Xiaona

Wang Xiaona 王晓娜

Multiple times National Taolu Champion, former China Wushu Team and Beijing Wushu Team athlete, youngest 7th Duan in China History, and now Head Coach of the Beijing Sports University Taolu team. Specialized in Changquan, staff, broadsword and Chuojiao, she is simply one the best coach in China, and of course, a Wukong instructor.

Lu Wenrui

Lu Wenrui 盧文瑞

Grandmaster in Hunggar, Caijia Quan, and Baihe Quan, he is also one of the most famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor in Asia. His specialty ? Repairing bones without surgery. Based in Taiwan, he teaches traditional Wushu only to a few selected students, on the second floor of his Chinese Medicine clinic.


Zheng Jingtian

Zeng Jingtian 曾景天

6th Duan instructor and head traditional Taolu  Instructor at Foshan International Wushu Training Center. Former Guangzhou Sports University Team athlete, he specializes in Ditang Quan, Hou Gun (Monkey Staff), and Tanglang Quan. He is also a Wukong instructor.


Li Yongzhou

Li Yongzhou 李永周

Head Coach at Huizhou Huashan Wushu School, 33rd generation Chen Taijiquan Instructor, and Head Wushu Coach at Huizhou University. He started Wushu at 7 in Shaanxi province of China. He is also inheritor of the Shaanxi Hua Quan. And, a Wukong Instructor.

Jiang Junhao

Jiang Junhao 江军豪

Head Wushu Instructor at the Beijing Culture and Language University in Haidian district, 5th Duan, he is a Beijing Sports Univeristy Wushu postgraduate student of Wang Xiaona. Highly skilled in modern Nanquan, Nandao, and Nangun, he is also a strong fitness competitor.

Christian Macia

Christian Macia

Highly skilled Sanda & personal trainer, he has a long and strong experience in teaching and instructing competitive programs of Combat Sports. Former Sanda, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai international champion, and also a fierce Chinese Wrestling (Shuaijiao) expert, he now shares his knowledge in United Boxing Club, Toronto.



Julien Ryder

Former Wushu competitor, he trained in Beijing under Wang Xiaona in broadsword and Chaquan. Secretary of the World Natural Body Building Federation, he is a National Physical Trainer and teaches to top level coaches. He strongly believes in natural training (no protein shakes or others)  and has strong knowledge in nutrition as well.


Francois Lee

François Lee

Movie producer and director, besides being my best friend and support over the years, he is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner who has been traveling and training all over the world. Furthermore, he is the eldest son of Grand Master Lee Kwan-Young, 9th dan Taekwondo black belt, one of the 10 Legends of Korea, and France Taekwondo pioneer.