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Cai Jia Quan

Style Fundamentals : Cai Jia Quan

“Cai Jia Quan” 蔡家拳, also known under its cantonese name “Choy Gar Kuen” (Cai family boxing), is one of the 5 major southern Wushu styles with Hung Gar, Mok Gar, Li Gar, and Fut Gar, and of course, part of the roots of the Choy Lee Fut Style. […]

Zhao Jie Interview

Interview With World Champion Zhao Jie

Zhao Jie is a former China Wushu Team and Hebei Wushu Team member, and is famous for being a World Champion and an All China Games gold medalist! We had the chance to interview him using Wechat during the Covid crisis! Check out our full interview on Youtube […]

Zui Quan

Style Fundamentals : Zui Quan

“Zui Quan” (醉拳), or “Drunken Boxing” in english, is a renown style around the world, even to those not familiar with Chinese Martial Arts, because of its distinctive movements that mimic the clumsy steps and reactions of a drunk person. Mostly popularized by the movies “Drunken Master” 1 […]

Gou Quan

Style Fundamentals : Gou Quan

Also called “Dishu Quan – 地术拳” (Ground techniques Fist), “Dilong Quan – 地龙拳” (Ground Dragon Fist), or “Dishang Feilong – 地上飞龙”, the “Gou Quan – 狗拳” or “Dog Fist” in English, is a rare south China Wushu style, registered in 2011 as a national cultural heritage. It it sometimes mentioned as the Chinese Wushu version of Jiu-Jitsu.

Discover more about dog fist in our article :

Introduction to Lion Dance

Introduction to Lion Dance

Wushu is not limited to traditional or modern, nor to Taolu and Sanda. It is a whole culture, a way of life, strongly linked to its roots and cultural heritage. Traditional Chinese medicine, Bow techniques, horse riding, and many more, are all part of Wushu. Lion Dance is […]