Free Hung Gar Theory and Practice Webinar

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Saturday June 13th, at 12PM UTC Time, don’t miss our free and exclusive Wukong Wushu Facebook Live Webinar!

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This Facebook Live Webinar will be an introduction to Taiwanese Hung Gar, also known as 5 animals Hung Gar, from the Wong Feihung > Lam Ka Kwan (Lin Jiakun) > Zhang Kezhi > Lu Wenrui Lineage, followed by the learning of the very first basic form of the system, the Hung Kuen 12 Bridge Horses or Steps 洪拳12橋馬(步).

Are you a modern or traditional Wushu practitioner? Do you wish to improve your Wushu culture and learn something new, both theoretically and practically? Have you ever seen the movies “Drunken Master” and “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow” and wondered about the forms practiced in these movies taught to Jackie Chan by Taiwanese Hung Gar Grandmaster Zhang Kezhi 張克治?

Then welcome to join our FREE Facebook Live Webinar on Taiwanese Hung Gar (also known as 5 animals Hung Gar).

What’s in the Webinar:

  • Introduction to Taiwanese Hung Gar
  • Learn the very first basic form of Taiwanese Hung Gar “12 steps” (洪拳12步)
  • Q&A

No equipment needed, No experience needed, and your bedroom space will be enough to learn!

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About the Instructor:

Ghyslain Kuehn (CWA 3rd Duan), started training Wushu from 13, back when living in France with Master Cai Chuibiao 蔡垂彪 (IWUF 8th Duan) and Master Zhong Zhiqiang 鐘志強 (IWUF 5th Duan) in both traditional cantonese Cai Jia Quan 蔡家拳, modern Wushu (Nanquan), and Sanda 散打. In 2002, he started training full time modern Wushu with master Zhong, and improved enough to represent France as a national Wushu athlete between 2005 and 2014 in both Nanquan and Changquan events.

From then on, he went training in China every year for several months with renown masters and coachs, the most famous one undoubtedly being Wang Xiaona 王晓娜, former Beijing and China Wushu Team athlete today head coach of the Beijing Sports University Wushu Team.

During his Wushu journey, he also had the chance to train modern and traditional styles with Wushu legend Xu Xiangdong 徐向东, Ma style Tongbei master Zhang Feipeng 张飞鹏, Beijing and Hong Kong Wushu Team He Jingde 何敬德, Xi An Wushu Team and world champion Wu Yanan 吴雅楠, and many more.

In 2015, he decided to leave France to train in southern China and Taiwan in order to improve further and complete his Wushu knowledge, to pass down his Wushu to others. There, he got certified as a CWA level 2 coach, and Taiwan National coach.

Today, he still lives in Taiwan where he coaches strength & conditioning to fighters at UFC gym in Taipei, as well as Wushu, and has become the only western official disciple and representative of master Lu Wenrui 盧文瑞, becoming a 9th generation inheritor of Wong Feihung Hung Gar lineage, and a 10th generation inheritor of southern Shaolin Cai Jia Quan 南宗少林蔡家拳. Master Lu Wenrui, expert in Hung Gar, Cai Jia Quan, Bai He Quan, and Bengbu Tanglang Quan, is himself a disciple of grandmaster Zhang Kezhi 張克治, and famous for his traditional medicine skills of bone replacement.

Finally, in 2016 he founded to help Wushu lovers from all around the world to improve their Wushu through videos, articles, private online classes, and live seminars. He also hosts the “Way of The Masters” radio show every weeks on Radio Taiwan International (RTI – French).