Interview With Master Lee Chang Chih – Part 2

Part 2 of our exclusive Wukong Wushu Interview With Master Lee Chang-Chih is finally available!!!

In this final part of our interview, we will discuss the 3 styles learned and taught by Master Lee Chang Chih 李章智.

Master Lee is a renown Taiji Quan and Qi Gong instructor in Taiwan, a traditional chinese medicine doctor, and the author of many Taiji and Qi Gong books available in both Chinese and English, demystifying the misconceptions about internal martial arts while teaching some of the most famous forms. He is also an expert in Northern Shaolin Wushu and Zhan Quan, styles we are discussing in part 2!

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  • Ghyslain Kuehn


  • Ghyslain Kuehn
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Special Thanks:

  • Master Lee Chang Chih
  • Master Lu Wen Rui
  • Katniss Liu