Online Training

Always wanted to train in Wushu (or Kung Fu) but couldn’t find a proper school in your area? Want to learn and improve a particular style or skill to boost your level or participate in competition, no matter modern or traditional?

We got you covered. Contact us to get a tailor-made offer.

Train and learn live from Taiwan with a 20+ years experienced teacher certified Chinese Wushu Association Level 2 instructor, who is himself still training and living in China since 2015! Well versed in both modern (Changquan and Nanquan events) and traditional Wushu (Hung Gar, Cai Jia Quan, Taizu Quan, Pigua Quan, Baji Quan, and more), your personal instructor will be no one else than the Wukong Wushu founder, Ghyslain Kuehn. Below is an extract of his resume:

  • Chinese Wushu Association (CWA) Level 2 Instructor
  • Taiwan National Certified Coach
  • France Federal Coach
  • International Modern & Traditional Wushu Champion
  • Strength & Conditioning coach at UFC Gym Taiwan
  • 3rd Duan Black Belt (CWA)
  • Only official disciple and representative of Master Lu Wenrui 盧文瑞 (Master Zhang Kezhi’s disciple)
  • 10th Generation Inheritor of Southern Shaolin Cai Jia Quan 南宗少林蔡家拳
  • Only foreign disciple of Master Wu Junyi 吳俊億 in southern lion dance and Taiwanese war drums
  • +20 years Wushu training with Grandmasters, including Cai Chuibiao (8th Duan), Zhong Zhiqiang (5th Duan), Wang Xiaona (7th Duan), Li Yongzhou (6th Duan), Zhang Feipeng (8th Duan), Xu Xiangdong, Lu Wenrui.
  • Training in China since 2005, and living full time in China since 2015
  • Radio Host of “Way of The Masters” on Radio Taiwan International (RTI – French)