Training in China is Cheap

Training in China is Cheap

At Wukong, we aim to help as much people who wish to improve their Wushu game as possible.

Is training in China Really Cheap ? Or is it a Myth now ?

Find out in this article !

Improve your Sanda Game

Improve Your Sanda Game

Sanda is a great fighting art that can also be a very good springboard to MMA if done properly. It doesn’t have elbow or knee strikes, but it teaches you the right distance management, tempo, and of course standing wrestling, though some Sanda techniques wouldn’t work in a MMA fight for different reasons that we …

Stop spraining your ankles

Stop Spraining your Ankles

Ouch !!! A few seconds ago you were in the air performing your favourite Cekongfan 侧空翻 (Aerial), Tengkong Feijiao 腾空飞脚 (Flying front kick), landing from a Sanda take-down or maybe just doing some hard conditioning after an exhausting training.Anyways, now you’re lying on the ground in pain. Welcome to the sprained ankles club ! Ankle …

Introduction to Lion Dance

Introduction to Lion Dance

Wushu is not limited to traditional or modern, nor to Taolu and Sanda. It is a whole culture, a way of life, strongly linked to its roots and cultural heritage. Traditional Chinese medicine, bow techniques, horse riding, and many more, are all part of Wushu. Lion Dance is too. A great example is Grandmaster Huang …